Return to Your Ring

Yes, you’re going to have to click again to get to the homepage for my blog – twice, as a matter of fact. Sorry about that, but there is a serious amount of flakery in the homepage hosting business, and because of it, I’ve had to relocate the homepage a number of times. For example, the staff at one provider decided that we, their users, didn’t need working logins. What can one do but move, at that point? But with as many links to my blog homepage as I had, this got to be an unmanageable chore, so I had to do something to cut it down to size.

Blog hosting services, on the whole, tend to be far more professionally run and less likely to vanish than free homepage hosting services, so what I decided to do was route the links through pages on a pair of my blogs. That way, when a copy of my blog homepage moved, I’d only have to update two links. The host should be happy, because I do provide this link to the blog on which this page is hosted, for those who’d like to read said blog, wiping away any thought that I’m using my blog as a gateway. No, WordPress should be getting traffic and (eventually) ad revenue out of the links to this page, which seems only fair to me, since the company is bearing the express of traffic coming through.

For those who wish to proceed to the ring return page on the homepage for Monday Never Comes, copies are to be found on Webring Webspace, and

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