Other Options, Past and Present

Yes, you’re going to have to click an extra time, for reasons that will be explained elsewhere. WordPress, on which this blog is hosted, is fairly stable, and so this seems a good place to route my traffic through, while inviting visitors to look at my WordPress comment blog, of course.

I set up a MyBlogLog community for my main blog, with which I had associated with this MyBlogLog profile. Yahoo was kind enough to buy Mybloglog and then shut it down, so this effort ended up going to waste. Aside from the new microblog on Twitter, I haven’t set up any updating options to replace the now departed Mybloglog, and am not sure that I will, as long as the “creative” destruction we’ve been seeing in this industry continues.

Right now, what’s the point?

If the circumstances with which I have to deal change, so will my response. Yes, I value your time, but I have to value my own, as well, if I am to get much of anything done, so I’ll have to ask for your understanding and patience until the prevailing level of maturity in IT rises appreciably.

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