More Journals of Mine

Yes, you’re going to have to click an extra time. Sorry about that, but there is a serious amount of flakery in IT, and I have to be prepared for the possibility that I’ll need to relocate some of these journals. WordPress, on which this blog is hosted, is fairly stable, and so this seems a good place to route my traffic through, while inviting visitors to look at my WordPress comment blog, of course.

Some other journals of mine, which I hesitated to link to in the sidebar for my main blog, include my Posterous journal, which I’m a little worried about because of the wording of the post-Twitter takeover FAQ for Posterous, my Music Journal at Deadjournal and my media bookmarking journal at Scribbld. Deadjournal and Scribbld look like nice places to be, Deadjournal’s owner having taken a strong pro-free speech stance, and at each company, the owners seem to care about what they’re doing, but these are small companies, and one has to worry about those, at least until they grow a little and get onto firmer financial footings, which I hope these companies will.

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