Get updates for my Typepad pages

Feedburner will close the window you’re in after you submit your information, and Typepad doesn’t give me the option of opening my links in new windows, so yes, you have to click again. You can be notified of updates to Stuck in Limbo (my microblog), my comment stream or both.

Some overlap between the two feeds might take place – I have noticed the starter post for my microblog appearing in the feed for the comment stream on my account. If so, I agree that’s silly, and I might bring this up with them, but you know how customer service is almost everywhere online. I doubt that they’ll listen.

When you’re done, if you’ve seen everything on my microblog and the rest of Typepad profile, you could always visit the main page for this blog, the one that this page is found on, or go to the main blog for Monday Never Comes, the journal that all of the rest of this grew up around.


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